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"I am thrilled that you were able to repair my 1960 Sunbeam vacuum! The repair was certainly less than a new machine and will last a lot longer. My vacuum is like new again! "

- E. Bartky
Bethesda, MD


"Thanks so much for the speedy delivery of my SEBO! It's so rare these days to find any company that performs anywhere close to what you guys do. You all could certainly teach small business to corporate giants a few things - thanks. I like the vacuum a lot, very light, not noisey, all good stuff. I'll definitely mess the Miele, but life goes on, no?...I will continue to send you potential customers."

- K. Redd
Lexington, VA


"Paul Morris is a local treasure. He overhauled my mother's 60-year old Swiss Elna sewing machine, put it in perfect working order. With his help, it should keep serving us well for another 60 years! "

- P. Dennis
Potomac, MD


"I brought my vacuum cleaner in last Sat. to the Bethesda store and he was able to fix it in 10 minutes and didn't charge me anything. The store was easy to find, I parked on the street and had my problem solved very quickly. I would definitely go back again.! " (rating 5/5)

- A. Truss
Chevy Chase, MD


"I bought a Sebo upright vacuum cleaner from you about six years ago. I'd like to report it has performed flawlessly. It cleans well and is rugged and reliable. I would highly recommend the machine and your store as an excellent source."

- T. G. Cody
Bethesda, MD


" SEBO is one of the things my husband got me for my birthday and I have to tell you, it competes strongly with the silver necklace for status of "favorite gift"! As soon as we got it home, I went all over the house vacuuming everything in sight. Not only did it clean the walls and floor and carpets and furniture brilliantly, it also cleaned the AIR. My husband and I both have bad allergies, and when I finished vacuuming, we could actually feel the differrence in the quality of the air in the house. I kid you not!!
Equally important to us was the quality of the service you provided. You were honest, courteous, patient, and fair. We felt like very valued customers indeed. You provded a very high quality product, and you made the entire transaction a pleasure. We look forward to doing business with you again."

- C. Weiss
Washington, DC


" Thanks for demonstrating the Sebo Upright X1 Vacuum cleaner to me and taking the time explaining how it works.As you know I have 2 dogs and the Sebo vacuum cleaner picks up the dog hair very well.The 2 things I like about it besides that is that you can pull the roller with the brushes out to clean it. It makes it easy to clean. I have never seen a vacuum cleaner like that and it is also so quiet. I also like the 40 foot cord.

I would recommend it to anyone who has a dog in the house. Thanks again."

- K. Goodger
Bethesda, MD


"...I am so pleased with the new Sebo automatic X1 vacuum that I purchased from you recently.

There are many wonderful features that this vacuum has to offer. It's very easy to handle and I like having the accessories right on the vacuum - quie compact. I noticed right off that the Sebo showed no markings of stopping and starting on our wall-to-wall carpet - it leaves a very smooth look. We plan to have many years of use from the Sebo. I thank you and my housekeeper thanks you - the vacuum bag is a cinch to put on and take off!"

- J. Fry
Bethesda, MD


"Bryan & Paul...Love my new vacuum cleaner! Thanks -"

- A. Healey
Bethesda, MD


"Thank you for your confidence in my integrity - The feeling is mutual."

- S. Feldman


"I recently brought in an old vacuum for repair estimate. After considering the options of the repair or purchasing a new vacuum - I decided to get a modern vacuum. Your display of vcuums and the advice of Brien, helped me decide on the Samsung vacuum, one of the vacuums that your firm recommends.

I am very pleased with my purchase and the new vacuum is tremendous improvement in comparison to my old vacuum. Due to allergies, I am glad that I have a great vacuum.

Thank you for your friendly and personal service. I intend to remain a customer of Brothers Sew & Vac, and will gladly recommend your store."

- M. Mandel


"A year ago, I purchased from your store a Miele Slimline dishwasher which you installed in my then newly remodeled kichen, and I thought you should know that after using the dishwasher almost on a daily basis these past 12 months, I am still so thrilled with my purchase.

The dishwasher is easily the best thing that has happened to my kitchen. Not only did its sleek 18-inch size free up badly needed cabinet space in my narrow galley kitchen, but also the machine itself is a job to use and a marvel of ingenious German design. I am consistently impressed with how much I can fit into the machine, thanks to clever features like the pull-out cutlerty tray or the uppoer basket that adjusts in height to accommodate large pots or tail dishes. Best of all, I can run only a half load with a clear conscience, knowing that I won't waste water or energy, thanks to the feature that enables only the dishes in the machine's upper basket to be washed.

Although I fully expected to be impressed with my Miele dishwasher when I bought it, I should also point out that my positive experience is in no small measure due to the efforts of you and your staff. You came to my house and installed the dishwasher quickly and efficiently yet still took time to show me how to operate and maintain the machine. Thanks to your tutorial and the machine's logical design, I have yet to crack open the operating manual! "

- C. Siskos
Silver Spring, MD


" Dear Brothers, I must write you how much I am enjoying the Miele dishwasher. Who would expect so much pleasure from a kitchen appliance?

The best part, however, was dealing with your company. You go beyond the call of duty to accomodate this customer - I assume everyone gets the same attention to every detail. A rare commodity these days. Many thanks."

- E. Eisenberg
Potomac, MD


"The Miele vacuum cleaner you introduced me to is so pretty that you got me to buy one. It's the model that is green metallic, but when the light shines on it from certain directions, it is blue metalic. Pretty machine. But I feel compelled to share with you what happened the first time I vacuumed with the Miele. It performed a virtual miracle.

You see my wife has had a problem with her sinuses for as long as I have known her - 25 years - and she has always given me a problem because of her snoring, i.e. loud dronnig and sudden gasps for air. (We have a cat that sleeps with us. When I go to work he takes my placein the bed!). Her snoring was so bad, and her sinus problem so severe that she had seen doctors, taken X-rays, had a CAT Scan of her head, and so on. Nothing wrong with her, however, was ever found by the doctors, So, for year I suffered sleepless nights.

But when I used the Miele for the first time, all snoring ceased! It had to have been the result of the Miele, since there was no other intervening factors. I couldn't believe it, her snoring had been such a distraction.

Soon thereafter, I vacuumed with the Miele meticulously. I took our bedding apart, vacuumed the sheets, the bedsperad, the pillows, the pillow cases, and the skirt around the bed. Then I vacuumed all the lamp shades. And finally, I vacuumed the carpet, including the area that is underneath the bed.

All these steps assured that the room was fairly free of pollutants, the subsances that were probably causing my wife to have problems with the sinuses and snoring. And it was a relief to me, too. Without her snoring to contend with, I can now sleep much better.

I want you to know that the Miele vacuum cleaner is a great machine and I cherish my ownership. Maybe it's the best $500 I have ever spent."

- W. Dent
Silver Spring, MD


" Thanks again for working with me to come up with a plan that worked so well for my family. We are very pleased with the new dishwasher and appreciate how hard you tried to get all the details of delivery and installation worked out. You really "walk the talk" of the slogan, "The customer is always right" and I felt your service and attentiveness were unmatched in their excellence. It makes for a loyal customer."

- A. McGuigan


"Last September, after a two-year foreign assignment, we came back to Washington. Settling down was, as usual, time consuming. It was more than a full time job to deal with service people to have their job done properly.

When I could no longer bear the noise my dishwasher was making, I went to ...and ordered a Miele. A very pleasant salesperson promised 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. After 4 weeks, I called (name of other business)...They said it was coming in that day. After 2 weeks, I called. They would call me back. No calls. After 1 week, I went ot (name of other business). for explanation. The manager said the front panel that was not delivered would be in any minute. A week later, I went and canceled the order.

Subsequent experience with Brothers..was so refreshing. Follow ups after order was timely, installation was professional. How reassuring it is to know that efficient, professional servicemen still exist in the U.S.A!"

- Y. Kim
Gaithersburg, MD


"I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my new Miele. I have never seen a vacuum cleaner clean so well or efficiently....It isso much fun, I actually look forward to vacuuming now.

Just as important as the machine was was the time and care you took to answer all my questions and educate me regarding the merchandise, my options and how vacuums really work. I am also very pleased with the accessories purchased (spot-cleaners, laundry detergent, etc.). Without hestitation I can say that I am very pleased to be a Brothers Sew & Vac customer".

- A. Alper
Washington, DC


"I'm writing this for M. pleased with the service he got from this location. He wants it to be known how happy he is. The service was outstanding. Bryan was more than just a repair person he was very knowledgeable about the sewing machines. M...said the machine was not this pretty when he got it. Bryan took the tiime to clean it so it looks brand new and sews so perfectly now. There is not one thing he's not happy with. He wants it known that Bryan is more than a doctor of sewing machines, he is the surgeon of sewing machines. He was nice and very pleasant to deal with. There are only positive things he can say about this location and Bryan. It's very nice in this day and age to see people who still enjoy their job, who take the time to do outstanding work and have pride in their job.

- M. Rozier
Hyattsville, MD


" I went to the Silver Spring store today with my 2 vacuums that needed service and left very impressed with Bryan. I called on the phone and explained my symptoms and he was very polite and said that I should bring them in and he would be happy to help. He was able to diagnose the problem immediately and even upon my request fix the problem on site within minutes! He showed me around the store and educated me about my machine and some others. Bryan was excellent with his knowledge of the products and his customer service skills were wonderful. You should consider having him do a seminar for your company to show everyone how to interact with the customers. He mentioned that it is a family-owned/run store and I think they should be proud. The store was clean and organized well. I will recommend this location to friends and family and I will return in the future. Thanks again and keep up the good work!"

- C.R. A. Oki


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